Hot off the presses and just in time for Halloween, here is a brand new collection of chilling tales for the witching season! Available now on Kindle, paperback, and hard cover, with Audible coming soon. Check out the print versions for bonus illustrations!

Imagine if Norman Rockwell stared into the void and painted the seething abominations, dark vistas, and unspeakable madness he found there. Included among these demented portraits, you may find a terminally ill medium who is tormented by spirits on his death bed, two boys who discover a sinister secret under the streets of Leavenworth, a whaling ship sailing 2,500 miles to port without its crew, a lovesick poet entangled with a small-town seer, and a roots music historian who discovers a song not intended for human ears.

SMALL BITES exist at the fulcrum of the idyllic and the dreadful. It invokes the pleasant and mundane memories of the not-so-distant past and violently interrupts them with immediate and visceral terror. These 13 offerings beat from the corroded heart of Americana and prey upon the innocence of our cherished nostalgia. More than a horror anthology, this is a canvas oozing with living paint, pigments selected from our collective nightmares, and imprisoned within these fragile pages.