The Blue Unicorn Detective Agency

The year is 1988…

Jay and his friends are on the cusp of perpetrating the greatest heist in Leif Erickson High history when they unwittingly find themselves dangerously close to a murder scene. Consumed with an irrational obsession, he is determined to do anything to solve the crime, including hiring a private investigator, infiltrating a sex club, and indulging in a 90-day LSD binge.

Forced to confront his demons, both real and imagined, he must unravel the conspiracy of an elusive octopus and his lascivious minions to find the killer. As the mystery deepens and sanity fades, the consequences of his ill-advised investigation begin to mount, careening toward hilarious, and possibly deadly, ends.

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Violent Gods

The Final Book in The Dead Wind Trilogy.

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Tres Castillos

As America enters the gilded age, an insidious darkness lurks behind the veneer of prosperity. Guided by the cryptic directive of the “golden man”, the Trust inserts itself in the highest levels of the United States Government, corrupting even the Executive Office. From their newly established base of power, they engineer a secret war across the expanding western territories, bent on claiming vast undiscovered gold deposits.

Unknown to the Trust, a new enemy has risen against them; an unlikely coalition formed between the living, the dead, and the inhuman. Urged on by the ambiguously aligned Morya, the conflict spills onto the global stage as it careens towards apocalyptic ends. Each side must navigate shifting loyalties and conflicting motives, even as other unforeseen events threaten to expose the Trust’s greatest secrets to the world.

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The Yellow Painted Man

In 1863 as war rages in Mexico and the United States, another, millennia old conflict is escalating. Fueled by the whims of an eldritch intelligence, all of mankind is subject to its sway.

Samuel Sheldon is a chosen heir of the Trust, an enigmatic and gold obsessed cabal with origins seeped in the secret history of the world. When his prisoner, Mangas Coloradas, is murdered on Sheldon’s first assignment, an unpredictable series of events threaten to upset the Trust’s flawless designs.

Determined to prove his worth, Sheldon is tasked with recovering a vast horde of missing gold; an endeavor that swiftly spirals into a supernatural odyssey of violence sprawling from the siege of Richmond to the wastelands of Mexico.

Available in Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle, and Audible