Take the path of the anti-hero in this dark odyssey, marauding through the haunted landscapes of our secret history. A tale of blood, gold, and necromancy.

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About Jason Roberts

Jason Roberts is a lifetime resident of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. When not clacking out tales of profound cosmic importance at his kitchen table, he may be found meandering through the mundane oddities of his richly satisfying existence.

Such activities might include, but not limit to, testing his guitar against the sonic thresholds for collapsing buildings, teaching proper swear words to his daughter, intrepidly exploring dive bars for lost relics of hidden bourbon, occasionally running for Mayor, or annoying his beloved wife with soap box soliloquies on long car rides to no place in particular.



The Cecil Hotel

November 18th, 2019|Dark Distractions|

Ranking as one of the creepiest places to stay in America, Los Angeles’ Cecil Hotel (now the Stay on Main) is perfect for you dark tourists.  Built in 1927, the Cecil opened with an eye toward the [...]

Watch For New Content!

November 11th, 2019|News Flash|

This week I am launching two new weekly segments on my site #darkdistractions and #talesofbloodandgold Remember to click on the link to get the full content! Dark Distractions will [...]

The Snallygaster

November 11th, 2019|Dark Distractions|

With a winged body that is half reptile and half bird, a metallic beak filled with razor like teeth, a singular cyclops like eye, and somehow the tentacles of an octopus; the Snallygaster is [...]