Jason Roberts is a lifetime resident of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

When not clacking out tales of profound cosmic importance at his kitchen table, he may be found meandering through the mundane oddities of his richly satisfying existence. Such activities might include, but not limit to, testing his guitar against the sonic thresholds for collapsing buildings, teaching proper swear words to his daughter, intrepidly exploring dive bars for lost relics of hidden bourbon, occasionally running for Mayor, or annoying his beloved wife with soap box soliloquies on long car rides to no place in particular.

You may have seen him across the card table, forcing you all in while holding deuce-seven or displaying a middle digit in your rear view mirror in appraisal of your driving skills. Perhaps you’ve caught a glimpse of him behind the bar, mournfully muddling the mint and lime of your mojito and not so silently judging as you sip on your utter lack of gumption. Yes, he is an asshole. However, he will never shame you for your apostrophe placements or other grammar mistakes. Those people can suck it.