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In the beginning, Earth had but one occupant, an exile, cast from a star into a prison of lifeless rock. Fractured and amalgamated throughout the barren planet, salvation could only be attained by intervention. So, he dreamed, and there was life. He spoke, calling for his shattered flesh to be collected and remade. For millions of years his voice was ignored; then there was man. Mankind eagerly obeyed his voice, which is greed, and gathered his golden remains. 

Millennia of human war, avarice, and servitude to the golden illusion of material wealth has brought him to the precipice of completion, aided by hidden cabals, chosen, and directed by the ancient exile. Now, in the chaotic violence of nineteenth century America, the final generation of secret societies has formed to complete the task. 

The Dead Wind chronicles the labors of Samuel Sheldon and the Trust as they attempt to manipulate the highest levels of the United States Government to achieve their agenda. Corruption and treachery are the norm as they navigate a world of blood, gold, and necromancy, where victory and failure both come at a terrible price.