If you find yourself in rural Connecticut, lost on a wooded road oddly named Dracula Drive, keep an eye out for the Wobble Heads. They appear small and humanoid with bulbous heads, possibly suffering from hydrocephalus. These feral beings are said to have a penchant for cannibalism, preying on those unfortunate enough to wander into their territory.  

Legends of the Melon Heads span across the states of Ohio, Michigan, and Connecticut, with several variations in their origin. 

One of the more common stories claim that they were abused children from a tragically mismanaged orphanage. While at the orphanage, they were subject to the twisted experiments of Dr. Crow, who injected their heads with mysterious fluids, causing their hydrocephalus. In this version, the children retaliate and kill Dr. Crow, burning down the orphanage in the process. Resigned to their monstrosities, they retire to a life of eating travelers on lonely, wooded roads. 

Another, more Lovecraftian origin, states that they were an isolated and inbred family living in a dilapidated mansion in the woods. Generations of inbreeding caused their physical deformations and mental deterioration. Eventually, they burned the mansion down and took up residence in a nearby system of caves, from which they launched their cannibalistic sorties against humanity.