On July 26, 2023, The House Oversight Committee on Oversight and Accountability held a hearing on unidentified aerial phenomena, “UAPs,” to determine the possible threat to national security. Testifying before the committee were eyewitnesses, former Navy officers Ryan Graves and David Fravor and former Airforce Intelligence officer and whistleblower David Grusch. The hearing comes in response to Grusch’s bombshell allegations that the United States Government is in possession of recovered spacecraft of non-human origin as well as biological remains from these crafts. Grusch further asserts that the military and particular defense contractors are reverse engineering the technology, and the government has been covering it up for decades. According to Grusch, this has been occurring since the 1930s.

To paraphrase the universal sentiment following the hearing: “I KNEW IT, ALIENS ARE REAL!”

Well, not so fast. I want to believe; I’ve always wanted to believe. I would love nothing more for these claims to be verified and the saucers put on parade. However, the evidence is not pointing in that direction. Let’s look at what was and was not said.

First, let us consider the eyewitnesses. Former Navy Commander David Fravor was the pilot of the infamous “Tic Tac” UFO incident near San Diego in 2004. Former Navy pilot Ryan Graves reports having near-daily encounters with UAPs flying over the Atlantic Seaboard. His claims have been corroborated by fellow pilots and documented in the 2021 report by the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force. These two men have impeccable credentials and are sincere in their claims. They undoubtedly witnessed some kind of technology or craft that performs beyond known human capabilities. Their testimony is entirely congruent with countless other reports from civilian and military pilots that have encountered UAPs, and I see no reason to doubt these reports.

Regarding the “whistleblower” David Grusch, things are a bit more complicated. Grusch served as an Air Force combat officer during the Afghanistan War. Then, he was a member of the NGA, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, which operates under the Department of Defense and is part of the US Intelligence Community. Later, he was a member of the NRO, the National Reconnaissance Office, another intelligence office operating under the DOD. While with the NRO, he was a member of the UAP Taskforce from 2019 to 2021. These impressive credentials seem to afford him the security clearances necessary to access the type of alleged classified information he reveals in his report. However, there are some glaring issues with Grusch’s story.

Unlike Graves and Fravor, Grusch has not personally witnessed anything. He has not personally observed any non-human technological or biological artifacts in person, video, photograph, or other media. Nor has he personally witnessed a UAP event. His information comes exclusively from secondhand interviews with those who allegedly have had experiences, seen, or worked with the associated artifacts. The evidence that he does have is a list of individuals, projects, and defense contractors with direct knowledge of UAP craft and reverse engineering efforts. Of course, this information requires the highest levels of security clearance.

Grusch’s testimony frustrates validation and offers no tangible proof to verify his claims. Suspiciously, he refuses to answer numerous questions, citing the security clearances required. Though, he has no problem confirming the existence of non-human entities, implying that they are responsible for the highly advanced “spacecraft” at the heart of the investigation. Wouldn’t this knowledge also be classified at the highest levels!?

Is Grusch credible? What are his motivations? According to his testimony, under oath, he came forward out of a sense of duty. As a career intelligence officer, wouldn’t his duty be to keep state secrets?

There is also the curious manner in which Grusch came forward. Apparently, he followed Pentagon protocol in releasing the information, which means the DOD must have reviewed and approved the statement. By inference, that would indicate that the information is NOT classified. After clearing his report, Grusch related his story to Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal, who published the story on an obscure website called The Debrief. The New York Times, Washington Post, and Politico declined to publish Kean and Blumenthal’s story. Grusch later gave an exclusive interview with News Nation that finally sparked some interest in the story. Then on July 26, he testified in front of Congress.

Grusch comes across as believable. Besides the dubious notoriety, he doesn’t stand to gain from the experience. It’s an ah-ha moment of a brave whistleblower coming forward and speaking truth to power. It’s a great story; it really is. But can we believe it?

The United States Government certainly wants you to believe it.

The Intelligence Community has disseminated disinformation to the media for years. This is consistent with known tactics and strategies for obscuring the truth around issues, such as UAPs. I cite the case of Richard Doty, an Airforce Intelligence Officer active in the late 70s and 80s. Doty spoon-fed information to the UFO community for years. Some of Doty’s contributions to UFO mythology include the “Majestic 12”, the underground Dulce Base, and the existence of extraterrestrial war being fought on Earth. The purpose of all this obscuration was to conceal actual top-secret programs; at the time, these included the F117 Stealth Fighter and unmanned drone technology.

Like Doty, Grousch brought his story to a respected UFO researcher, in this case, Leslie Kean. Doty didn’t outright invent the mythology. He took existing theories, added nuggets of truth, and tweaked them enough to seem plausible. Grousch does the same thing. Recovered craft and bodies, interdimensional beings, and black budget projects for reverse engineering are well-established conspiracy theories. Grousch also includes some nuggets of truth, in this case, his own credibility with his implied access and legitimate eyewitnesses. His story is familiar and plausible because the government has been accused of reverse-engineering spacecraft for decades.

Grusch claims an alleged 1933 UFO crash in Italy was first recovered UFO.

Grusch claims an alleged 1933 UFO crash in Italy was first recovered UFO.

So, are aliens real or not? Probably. Though, I doubt very seriously that they exist in the context presented by Mr. Grousch. As I mentioned in last week’s Dark Distractions, my UAP theory is that we are developing advanced craft that utilizes zero-point energy. Considering the historical UFO timeline, I believe we recovered the technology from the Germans and their nuclear scientists at the end of WWII. Of course, the Germans could have acquired the tech from a crashed spaceship, but I doubt it.

There is something incredible going on; that much is certain. But whatever the truth is, you can bet that it’s not being broadcast on CSPAN.