On this day in 1375, at Montebello Castle, Italy the legend of Azzurina, the solstice ghost was born. According to oral history, Guendalina was an albino girl with striking blue eyes. Her father, a feudal lord, was ashamed of her appearance. He dyed her hair black and kept her under guard in the castle. Allegedly, the run-off from the black dye stained the child’s skin, giving it a blue tint. Hence the name Azzurina.

During the summer solstice of 1375, a powerful thunderstorm raged through the region as Azzurina played with her ball in the castle. According to her guards, the ball slipped from the girl’s grasp and fell down the stairs into the ice cellar, causing her to chase after it. Then, the girl and her ball vanished into thin air, never to be seen again.

Legend holds that Azzurina returns every five years on the summer solstice and can be heard laughing (or crying) in the castle, along with the sounds of a phantom thunderstorm. These sounds have been documented over the centuries and even captured on audio recordings.